Watch: Pelosi Horrified American Parents Teach Children Gun Safety

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says it’s “irresponsible” for parents to teach their children how to properly handle a firearm.

Speaking at her weekly news conference ahead of the House vote on Assault Weapons Ban legislation Friday, Pelosi said she was compiling a presentation that would show how some parents are showing young children, “toddlers” she claimed, how to “use an assault weapon.”

“When I talk about it on the floor this afternoon I’m gonna show a presentation of what some totally irresponsible people are putting out there about little children, toddlers, learning how to use an assault weapon,” Pelosi said, adding, “smaller assault weapons, but a gun like mommy and daddy, smaller assault weapons, but getting their muscles ready to be able to use it. Is that sick?”

It’s unclear what content Pelosi is referring to; however, the prospect of a parent teaching their child proper firearm safety does not seem “irresponsible.”

According to NY1, “The measure would make it illegal for anyone to ‘import, sell, manufacture, or transfer’ semiautomatic rifles that have military features and can accept a detachable magazine or have a fixed magazine that holds 10 or more rounds of ammunition.”


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