WATCH – NY Gov Cuomo says Santa will be good to him because he worked so hard (for example, by putting restaurants out of business)

The Post Millennial:

“So, healthy holiday,” Cuomo said. “And I’m gonna have a great one. Santa’s going to be VERY good to me, I can tell, I’ve worked hard this year, social distance, wear a mask. Be smart, be smart.”

As part of his hard work this year, Cuomo demanded that thousands of people in the service industry be out out of work only two weeks before Christmas. This was because the restaurant industry caused 1.4 percent of the spread of coronavirus in New York City.

Most of the spread of the virus, 74 percent, is as a result of private gatherings in people’s homes. Cuomo has emphasized that people should not get together for the holidays, though he himself planned to gather with people with whom he does not reside at Thanksgiving.

Cuomo won an International Emmy for his daily coronavirus briefings, and perhaps he feels that Santa has been tuning in and will reward him just like the celebrities have.

Cuomo was also responsible for thousands of deaths of the elderly nursing homes due to his failed policy of returning COVID-positive persons back into care homes while they were still recovering, and contagious.

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