WATCH – ‘NY didn’t CANCEL Cuomo’ … ‘Cuomo CANCELED New York’ as protesters demand resignation

Fox News:

The group displayed two banners– ‘NY didn’t cancel Cuomo’ and ‘Cuomo canceled New York’

Four protesters were arrested outside New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Manhattan office Wednesday after they blocked incoming traffic along Third Avenue. 

Drawing off the twin scandals dominating the headlines, Cuomo’s nursing home death undercount and sexual misconduct allegations, the demonstrators demanded the governor’s resignation for his response to homelessness, overdoses and the prison system. 

The protesters were members of VOCAL-NY, a group that has protested multiple times outside the governor’s office. 

“We are here demanding his immediate resignation! And a NYS budget that funds housing, health care & economic relief for everyday ppl,” VOCAL-NY added in another tweet.

VOCAL-NY is calling for the “Invest in Our New York Act” to be passed, which would heavily raise taxes on the rich to pay for social services.

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