NM State Police Officer Killed, More Wounded — Suspect Dead in I-10 Shootout

A New Mexico State Police officer is dead and several more are injured following a shootout on Interstate 10 near Las Cruces. The suspect is also reported dead.

Reports indicate the shootout followed a police pursuit, according to KVIA ABC7. The pursuit followed the shooting and killing of the New Mexico State Police officer at mile marker 101 on Interstate 10.

A video posted by a KVIA viewer shows a white truck speeding in reverse on the highway. A Las Cruces police vehicle spins the truck around and the driver jumps out and begins shooting. (Caution: the video below is graphic and may be disturbing.)

“There he goes, there he goes,” the man recording the video shouts. Multiple shots ring out after the gunman opened fire on the police.

The video shows the driver, wearing all black, standing by the police car shooting at officers. One officer is seen lying on the ground.

After a hail of gunfire, the gunman falls behind his truck. Other officers rush up, surround the man and kick his gun away from his body.

The New Mexico State Police tweeted that one of their officers was shot and killed in the initial incident in Luna County. They confirmed the suspect died at the scene.

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