WATCH – New York nursing home collapses in massive fire

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UPDATE – Missing firefighter’s body recovered from the rubble

A massive fire HAS brought down a nursing home building continues to burn, leaving at least one person dead and others injured, according to officials.  More than eight hours later, the blaze has continued to rage at Evergreen Court, an assisted living facility in Spring Valley about 40 miles north of Manhattan.

Two firefighters who fought to snuff out the flames suffered smoke inhalation and one was taken to a local hospital after having a heart attack, according to FOX 5 New York. Fire officials said one of the facility’s 133 residents died at the hospital. 

Twenty-three of the 27 volunteer fire departments in Rothland County, New York, responded to the scene, with more than 100 firefighters.

The deceased firefighter was from the local Spring Valley Fire Department, officials said. He was reportedly on the third floor attempting to rescue residents when parts of the structure began to collapse, and he then sent out a distress call.

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“The mayday was answered. However, with the extent of the fire, the volume of fire, the conditions were just too unbearable where firefighters went in, they just could not locate the firefighter and they headed back out,” Rockland County Fire and EMS Director Chris Kear told reporters on Tuesday.

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