WATCH – More Chaos in Portland, rioters, smoke bombs, police

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Daily Mail:

Chaos erupted in Portland for a 79th consecutive night on Friday after police declared an unlawful assembly during a peaceful demonstration and stormed a protester shield line, beating people with batons.  

About 300 protesters had gathered in the city’s Peninsula Park around 9pm for a peaceful march across North Portland that was expected to end at the Police Association building on N Lombard Street.

But even before demonstrators could begin heading toward their destination, cops – changing tactics from the previous nights – cut off access to the streets leading to the police union headquarters. 

Video journalist Andy Ngo was there and brings us these videos.

If they fail to play embedded here, visit Ngo’s twitter account

Minutes into the march, the crowd was met with a line of police officers dressed in riot gear and squad cars blocking their path, ordering them to disperse.

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