WATCH – Mom Clings to Hood of Car When Suspect Takes Off with Children: ‘I Just Wanted My Kids Back’

A New Mexico mother recently threw herself on her vehicle while trying to stop the alleged carjacker who drove away with her two children.

Melody Maldonado of Hobbs held on to the hood of the car as it sped down a street on Monday, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Maldonado told the outlet she was not thinking about herself when she began yelling at the accused, Regina Castillo, 29, to put on the brakes.

However, she said, “She kept driving. We went a good distance, through an intersection, past the Allsup’s. She was swerving so that I would fall off.”

Maldonado fell off the vehicle and broke her foot but gathered the strength to run to a nearby store and call for assistance, saying she could care less what happened to the car, “I just wanted my kids back.”

Video footage showed the moment the white car sped down a street with the woman on the hood.


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