WATCH – Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen, also a physician, says he’s being targeted for COVID views

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KARE11 – Minnesota:

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Sen. Scott Jensen of Chaska, who is a physician, says state’s medical board is investigating two complaints against him based on interviews and speeches

Sen. Scott Jensen is convinced his opinions about COVID-19 are being used against him in complaints with the state medical board.

Sen. Jensen, who is a family doctor, has made no secret he believes Minnesota’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been out of proportion to the risk. He has argued the costs of shutting down the economy, elective surgeries, schools and churches have outweighed the benefits.

Now Jensen believes he’s targeted for speaking out against the state’s strategy for battling COVID-19. In a viral Facebook video, the Chaska Republican, revealed the Minnesota Board of Medical Practices is formally investigating two complaints lodged against him.

“That was hard, the fact that a licensing board could be used as a weapon,” Jensen told KARE. “And then the fact that you don’t get to know your accuser. And this has nothing to do with patient care, this has to do with public comments.”

The medical board, by law, must investigate both complaints but can’t legally divulge the names of those who lodged them. In fact, the board isn’t even allowed to confirm the existence of a complaint or investigation unless it ends with some type of disciplinary action.

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