WATCH – Wild Brawl on Spirit Airlines! … Two different angles!


Video: Brawl Breaks Out On Spirit Airlines Flight Where Three Black Women Attack Someone, Elbowing “Big” Ex-Navy Man Out Of The Way

Unknown why this fight started, just what was captured.

Mid-flight fight between Chicago to Las Vegas. Because of this altercation, all other passengers on this flight that were connecting to San Diego were punished. Spirit Airlines COMPLETELY dropped the ball.

“We were left to sleep on the cold, gross floor of the Vegas airport. Apparently they could not assemble a new crew to fly one more hour to continue to San Diego. Therefore were were left on our own from 6pm until 6am. No help to get expensive airport food, no hotel vouchers, no blankets. Eventually they sent people an email for a $50 flight voucher that expires in 2 months. Which is useless.”

“I would suggest that you pop a few more dollars for a competent airline. I will never fly them again and continue to spread the word.”

And from a different angle …

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