WATCH: Man Allegedly Beats Woman During Fight on Cruise Ship

Two groups were seen arguing onboard a Carnival Sunrise cruise ship recently but the argument eventually became physical.

“The violence culminates with a man pummeling a woman while she’s on the ground and he leans over her,” the Daily Mail reported Friday.

The scene unfolded near the Tides Bar when a man in a blue shirt apparently began hitting someone else who was laying on the deck.

Several people tried to break up the fight, but others appeared to join in. At one point, someone blew a whistle and the crowd appeared to calm down for a few seconds:

When the group began fighting again, several people appeared to drag a woman out from under everyone else.

The crowd dispersed and she finally got up off the deck while the others nearby continued a verbal argument.

The woman who posted the video online, Laura Bryant, reportedly said the fight was over someone’s seat and “personal space.”


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