WATCH: Low-time pilot makes emergency landing on busy North Carolina highway

Vincent Fraser had only 100 hours of experience and a nine-month-old private pilot’s license in hand when he experienced engine failure at 5,000 feet in the sky over the North Carolina mountains.

On a flight with his father-in-law on July 3, Fraser’s 1967 single engine Aero Commander 100, which he had just purchased in April, lost its engine. The aircraft glided from 5,000 feet to just 1,000 feet in a matter of minutes, all caught by a GoPro camera on the wing.

“I see the bridge, but there’s too much traffic on it and the bridge is just way too narrow to land on it without killing ourselves or killing other people,” Fraser told NBC News. “So, I decided we’re going to go into the river. I started going down into the river and as I’m passing the bridge, by the Grace of God, I look to my left and there’s Highway 19.”

Navigating under power lines and over vehicles on the busy four-lane highway, the aircraft skidded to a halt. Neither Fraser nor his passenger was injured in the landing.

While many would consider this a successful outcome of a terrifying situation, Fraser is instead taking time to reevaluate being a pilot.

“Unfortunately, it pulled something out of my heart,” he told NBC News. “That passion kind of left, and I don’t know if it’s going to come back.”


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