WATCH – London protest: Thousands march in fury over lockdown and vaccine passports

In videos and photos posted to social media, tens of thousands of protestors were pictured gathering and marching without face masks on, it has been claimed. The protestors, holding banners and chanting “freedom”, are marching through central London. Those in attendance are protesting against coronavirus lockdowns and vaccine passports. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to respond to the protests. Piers Corbyn, the older brother of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been spotted at the protest.

Mr Corbyn has been a vocal critic of Covid lockdowns and in May 2020 he was arrested at an anti-lockdown protest.

He gathered alongside hundreds of others to object to their rights of free speech and movement being curtailed.

Colourful banners and posters are being carried by the protestors this afternoon, advocating for an immediate end to lockdown rules.

One banner read: “Love not fear. Freedom not tyranny.”

Another poster said: “Freedom is not a privilege it’s a right.”

A third said: “We’re the ones you failed to fool!”

The event has been titled ‘Unite for Freedom’ and had been heavily planned.

Former MEP Martin Daubney, who attended the “buzzing” protest, said it was “mobbed”.

He tweeted: “At Hyde Park for the freedom march.

“Absolutely buzzing atmosphere.

“The BBC will doubt say there are ‘hundreds’ here but it’s mobbed.”

Yesterday, protestors said they have planned the “biggest street part London has ever seen”, according to a poster for the event.

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