WATCH – Lightfoot’s Chicago in chaos as bus driver beaten on street, multiple police officers attacked, citizens shot, 21 ‘youths’ arrested

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A Chicago bus driver landed in the hospital after he was beaten on the streets Saturday night, resulting in a 15-year-old boy being arrested. 

The bus driver, 49, was inspecting his bus at about 9 p.m. after he heard a loud sound. He was reportedly pushed and punched by both a male and female, police said. An unidentified 15-year-old boy was charged with a felony count of aggravated battery of a transit employee and disorderly conduct in connection. 

Footage allegedly showing the incident has spread on social media. A large group of youths is seen surrounding the bus driver and hitting and kicking him as onlookers cheer and record the incident.

Chicago police, however, did not confirm to Fox News that the video circulating shows the attack on the 49-year-old bus driver. Police directed Fox News to the “initial narrative” that only two suspects were involved and added that police “do not have any additional information.”

Violence plagued the Loop in Chicago on Saturday night. A 15-year-old was shot in the arm, dozens of young people flooded the area, fights broke out, police made 21 arrests of youths, a police officer suffered a broken arm, another officer was injured, and a convenience store owner was punched in the face. 

Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins said police have evidence that the large groups formed due to social media influencers who organized a flash mob.

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