WATCH – Leftists dance, chant ‘f*ck Donald Trump!’ and kick around beheaded effigy outside Philadelphia’s City Hall


A large crowd danced and chanted “fuck Donald Trump!” in the street outside Philadelphia’s City Hall on Saturday night.

Drivers honked their horns and people screamed while the group celebrated the media declaring Joe Biden (D) the winner of the presidential election.

Several people held Biden-Harris signs, and one woman waved a Biden-Harris flag. At one point someone threw glitter in the air as the crowd cheered and continued to dance.

Progressives gloated on social media Saturday once the mainstream media outlets provided their projection that Biden was the winner.

“I am exceedingly overjoyed that Trump has been defeated & that the Biden-Harris team have an opportunity to undo the harm this undeserving Prez has caused the country,” wrote Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

In addition, a man with a Black Lives Matter flag danced while holding an effigy of a beheaded President Trump at a protest in Madison, Wisconsin.

Cinematographer Rebecca Brannon tweeted video footage of the event:

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