WATCH – LAPD releases graphic bodycam footage

Fox News:

Hispanic man attacks Black police officer

The Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday released graphic bodycam footage of what it identified as an attack on officers at a police station in the city last month.

Jose Guzman, 29, was seen entering the LAPD’s Harbor Station on Sept. 26 before attacking an officer, taking his department-issued Beretta, and pistol-whipping him multiple times, according to police and the bodycam footage.

Guzman fired a shot at another officer with the weapon before fleeing, police said.

The video was graphic and showed blood begin to pool next to the officer who was hit in the head with the weapon, identified as Anthony Freeman. At one point, Freeman, who was not shot, shouts for an ambulance and says, “I’m starting to black out!”

Freeman, a veteran of the department for more than 30 years, survived the attack. He had not yet returned to work as of Wednesday, the LAPD said.

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