WATCH – Man drives car into light pole after trying to steal Trump flag

The Post Millennial:

A viral video is being shared on social media, depicting a man driving his car straight into a light pole after attempting to steal a Trump flag. Following the trend of “instant karma,” it remains unknown where this incident exactly took place but it is evidently recent as the footage shows a large crowd of Trump supporters, supposedly in Washington DC for the “Million Maga March” on Saturday.

The crowd immediately broke out in laughter after the man not only fails to steal the flag, but damages his car by crashing it. “All that hate is what you get,” yelled someone in the background.

It is also heard that the man allegedly spit on someone before speeding away, but this is difficult to confirm from the footage.

To make his unlucky day even worse, the police arrived on the scene almost immediately. It remains unknown whether the man or anyone on the scene was arrested.

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