WATCH – Kahn’s London: Police retreat amid brick/bottle pelting


Khan’s London: Police Retreat from Illegal Block Party as Rioters Throw Bricks and Bottles.

At least seven police officers were injured by rioters in London throwing bricks, glass bottles, and other makeshift missiles at them as they retreated from a mob at what is being characterised as an “unlicensed music event”.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) confirmed on Saturday that they responded to reports of an “unlicensed music event” in White City in West London on Friday evening.

As the group violently assaulted officers, police were forced to retreat and await reinforcements in the form of specially trained public order officers. They were also met with violent backlash from the mob after marching in a phalanx-like formation, but finally dispersing the gathering at around 1 a.m.

Video courtesy of The Telegraph channel

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