WATCH – In 2007 Trump showed CNN his heart on vets: ‘Most beautiful people I’ve ever seen’ – opened Mar-A-Lago for them

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Biz Pac Review:

With The Atlantic’s recent electioneering effort to convince the American people that President Donald Trump was nothing but contempt for U.S. veterans, including those who died in service to their country, a video has surfaced that effectively puts the matter to rest.

The unsubstantiated, anonymously-sourced political hit piece from Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg published late last week claimed Trump has no respect for the Armed Services or the heroes killed in action.

According to Goldberg’s reporting, the president said soldiers who died in battle are “losers” and “suckers,” as improbable as that sounds.

But Mark Simone, a talk radio host heard on WOR in New York City, tweeted a video of Trump talking about wounded Iraqi War veterans in a 2007 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

With Trump having no sights on public office then, there was no political agenda at play in the video out by the president.

“People don’t know that for years he has been giving them free trips to Mar-a-Lago among many other donations to our veterans,” Simone said of vets in the tweet.

Video courtesy of Donald J. Trump channel

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