WATCH – ‘I can’t wait until black people lynch white people,’ say Antifa/BLM activists at police appreciation event in Washington

The Post Millennial:

An Antifa militant while protesting in Bellevue, WA Tuesday night against police officers shouted, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!”

Antifa was protesting a law enforcement appreciation dinner hosted by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association when the statement was made.

A video posted to Twitter begins with the activist screaming, “I can’t wait until black people hang you!” to someone nearby. The recipient of the threat asks the activist to repat the statement at which point the Antifa activist screams out, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!”

Some push back can be heard from bystanders including one who said, “That’s literally racist.”

Another bystander said, “I want black and white people to get along.”

The recipient of the threat then asked, “I want to know if there is anyone in your group who would agree with that statement?” to the group of Antifa militants assembled on the street, cowering behind umbrellas.

Several of the Antifa activists’ hands shot up in agreement with the statement while another said, “I would agree with that statement.”

According to witnesses, the activist who originally hurled the first racial slur, is a known Antifa activist who earlier this year allegedly assaulted a student in Olympia, WA.

In March, a group of around 20 militants dressed in black and wearing masks gathered on Capitol grounds to disrupt the second amendment-themed rally hosted by TPUSA’s local Washington chapter. The small, conservative rally was attended by around a couple dozen high school students.

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