WATCH – HORROR! Afghans Cling to US Jet as it tries to Take off

The New York Post:

Thousands of Afghans have been filmed desperately chasing after and clinging to a US Air Force plane as it taxied down the runway — with at least two falling to their deaths in the frantic attempt to flee the country after the Taliban takeover, shocking new video shows.

Just moments after the military plane left the runway on Monday, the two young men can be seen falling onto the tarmac, local media reports.

They were among the thousands filmed chasing after and climbing onto the military plane as it prepared to take off.

In chaotic scenes on Monday, crowds of Afghans stormed Kabul’s international airport and swarmed the tarmac as US military flights were preparing to leave.

One shocking video being shared on social media shows a crowd of people running alongside a military plane as it taxied down the runway.

Dozens of people can be seen trying to grip onto the sides of the plane.

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