WATCH – French No-Go Zone Saw Third Straight Night of Anti-Police Violence


For a third night straight, the “vulnerable neighbourhood” of Monnaie in the commune of Romans-sur-Isère saw clashes between “youths” and police as violence continues to occur despite coronavirus lockdown measures.

On Thursday morning an incident took place near the rue Ninon Vallin when a stolen Fiat Punto crashed into the mast of a video camera on a roundabout in the area.

The 18-year-old driver of the stolen Fiat was arrested but a group of twenty or so of his friends spotted the arrest and proceeded to attack police and set the Fiat on fire, France Bleu reports.

As more police arrived on the scene to aid their colleagues, the youths also called for backup, until a group of around 40 people were throwing stones and rocks at officers. A large homemade firework was also shot at the police, who were forced to use defensive measures to disperse the crowd.

Video courtesy of The Sun Channel

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