WATCH – ‘Firenado’ in terrifying viral video

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New York Post:

California’s wildfires are getting even wilder.

Viral video appears to capture a rare firenado rising menacingly over the Golden State, which is now being dubbed Hellifornia.

Video courtesy of VIVA.CO.ID – Indonesia

“Holy s–t!” says someone in the video, seemingly filmed from a firetruck because of flashing lights, but with siren sounds added later.

In the distance, the horizon is lit by flames — with red embers whipped high in the sky in a tornado-shaped whirling eddy of air.

The clip has already been seen 3.7 million times on TikTok since it was uploaded late last week — and another 5.7 million times on Twitter. It did not give any detail on exactly when or where it was filmed.

Many joked about how the terrifying image was almost fitting in a year when normal life has mostly ground to a halt with a global pandemic that has killed almost 925,000 and infected almost 30 million people.

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