WATCH – Fake FedEx Truck Pulled Over; ‘Packages’ Scatter!

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Jim Hogg County Sheriff’s Department deputies are being overrun with cartel smuggling operations, officials told 3News.

Recently, deputies followed what they thought was a FedEx truck through Hebbronville.

Video shows that once the truck stops, it was not driving around delivering packages but instead was loaded down with over a dozen immigrants.

Unfortunately, the chief deputy was standing in their way when they piled out of the van.

”They just kind of ran over him like a stampede and he ended up with a broken rib that video you can see where those guys are just bailing and this is in the middle of town,” Sheriff Kiko Alarcon, Jim Hogg County, said.

They would later find out that the truck was part of a cartel smuggling operation and was only painted to look official.

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