WATCH – White House tweets ‘What inflation?’ boast: Hot dogs down 16 whole cents from last year!

Red State:

Jen Psaki’s Take on Soaring Prices Doesn’t Go Over Well

Don’t believe your own eyes and the money you know you’re shelling out of your own pocket, they said, believe our jokey little video (see below).

Putting out the crazy tweet means they’re worried about inflation, that they know it’s an issue for them and that people are feeling it. But the response is bad, with a take straight from Marie Antoinette.

Asked if they were really trying to sell to Americans that 16 cents was significant, with everything else going up, especially gas prices up by a dollar or more, Psaki answered:

“If you don’t like hot dogs you may not care about the reduction of cost.”

Yes, that 16 cents doesn’t mean much when everything is up, including gas by more than $1.00. There are all sorts of things you might be able to lie about in government.

But when you’re telling people to their faces that they’re not not seeing the rise in prices they know they are, then they’re not going to let you get away with the lies.

The ridiculous video here:

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