WATCH – Disturbing video shows men harassing NYPD cops

Pictured: Left – Sicko in clown drag pushing cell phone against car and displaying a toy pig. Right – Loud mouth with loud speaker.

The New York Post:


A gang of men surrounded an NYPD vehicle this week, shouting obscenities like “bitch” at the officers inside, according to a disturbing video posted by New York City’s largest police union.

In the roughly two minute clip – which police sources say was taken on Tuesday in upper Manhattan — a group of men can be seen surrounding an NYPD SUV as one asks a cop inside the vehicle for their badge number.

“Twenty-three, 54 for this dirty motherf—ker,” one man holding a loudspeaker shouts.

During the interaction at West 155th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, another man placed a small, pink toy pig on top of the hood of the cop car.

“That’s a pig. That’s a gift for you, bitch,” someone yells, according to the video.

As the NYPD car begins to roll away, the man with the loudspeaker then shouts into the device while facing the front of the vehicle in the middle of the street, saying, “Get the f—k out of the f—king hood,” the clip shows.

“Get the f—k out! Move!” the man shouts.

The patrol car continues to drive away as the man yells, “You piece of sh-t,” the video shows.

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