WATCH – Diners sent scrambling as NYPD tackle BLM thugs at Manhattan restaurant

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Scores of NYPD officers clashed with and arrested dozens of Black Lives Matter demonstrators for refusing orders to disperse, a battle that spilled into diners at a Manhattan eatery Saturday night.

Patrons at the Cowgirl restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village got caught up in the melee as officers rushed in and then struggled with resistant protesters.

Customers were sent scrambling as police rushed demonstrators, some of whom tried to hide among patrons who blasted them and NYPD officers for having been caught up in the ruckus.

Protesters had gathered on a sidewalk and the pedestrian island on Hudson Street near 10th Street, with a swarm of bike officers and other NYPD cops facing them. An automated warning informing demonstrators they were violating ordinances restricting pedestrian and vehicle traffic can be heard in the background.

As protesters continued to ignore police instructions, around 9 p.m. officers rushed them and began to make arrests, most for disorderly conduct, the New York Post reported.

“What are you doing?” shouts one person as officers close in and begin making arrests.

Meanwhile, demonstrations in other major U.S. cities, ostensibly in protest over the death of Breonna Taylor, broke out as well, some of them turning violent.

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