WATCH – Delta flight attendant tackles would-be hijacker, zip-ties his wrists

Pictured – Left: The would-be hijacker tied up; Right: The flight attendant who subdued him

Fox News:

Don’t forget to tip your flight attendants. 

A passenger on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Nashville allegedly tried to breach the cockpit and hijack the plane Friday.

Delta Flight 386 crew members tackled and zip-tied the man before anyone was harmed, according to a FOX Television Stations report.

Cellphone video shows some of the encounter, with a man in a Delta uniform wrestling with someone who is out of view of the camera behind a row of seats.

Another angle shows he managed to zip-tie the suspect’s hands behind his back.

Video courtesy of Fox 11 Los Angeles

“This man needs an award,” the poster tweeted. “Just saved the plane.”

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