WATCH – D.C. Protester Scolds Maskless Cop: ‘He Wants His Kids to Die; He Wants His Wife to Die’

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Protesters in D.C. harassed a maskless officer during Thursday night’s demonstrations, with one protester repeatedly waving masks in front of his face, prompting the officer to grab the masks and toss them behind him.

Video shows an agitated protester confronting the officer, who was not wearing a mask.

“Where’s your boss? … He’s not in charge. He’s too dumb to be in charge,” he said of the officer. “He doesn’t believe in fucking science.”

“He wants him to die. He wants him to die. He wants him to die,” the protester said, pointing in various directions. “He wants his children to die. He wants his wife to die. He won’t put his fucking mask on.”

Watch the meltdown at Breitbart

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