WATCH – Leftist celebrities promote a creepy “building health” passport system

‘New world order?’: Creepy video of celebs promoting ‘health seal’ worth thousands of dollars raises eyebrows

Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro, and other high-profile celebrities have teamed up for a vague commercial promoting the so-called ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal,’ an expensive endorsement for business owners that many are panning as useless.

“If you want to get back to your favorite places and feel confident they have put your health and safety first,” Jennifer Lopez says as the video opens, followed by numerous other celebs chiming in to inform viewers: “look for the WELL Health-Safety Seal.”

“Everything may look the same, but the WELL Health-Safety Seal means that your health and safety are top of mind,” De Niro later says, as generic corporate-style music plays in the background.

The ad – directed by none other than Spike Lee – only vaguely explains what this seal actually is. Paul Scialla, the founder of IWBI’s (International WELL Building Institute) parent company Delos, shows up to promise that the safety endorsement is based on “years of input and research.”  

Every business from stadiums to banks is mentioned as a possible place where the seal can be found, with things like “cleaning and sanitizing procedures,” “emergency preparedness programs” and “health services” being considered.

The ad’s vagueness and the promise of a celebrity-approved seal of approval for businesses in a Covid-19-plagued world raised alarms on social media as the ad spread, with some mocking the “new world order” feel of the commercial and others pointing out some inconvenient details about this seal.

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