WATCH – Man holds on for dear life as Chinese glass bridge shatters under him


A man at a tourist resort in northeast China was trapped on a glass-bottomed foot bridge standing nearly 330 feet (100 meters) high after the structure was partially shattered by gale force winds, according to the city government.

Several glass panes of the Piyanshan Glass Footbridge in the city of Longjing were damaged by extreme weather in the Piyan Mountain tourist area, according to a statement posted on the city’s official Weibo social media account.

Glass panels beneath the tourist’s feet were reported to have cracked and crashed toward the cliffs below the bridge. The man reportedly clung onto the bridge’s guardrails, with several gaps seen in front of him between beams that span around 8.2 feet horizontally across the bridge, according to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper.

The man was stranded on the bridge, which is around 1,310 feet (400 meters) long, after several pieces of the glass deck were blown off following wind gusts of up to around 93 miles (150 kilometers) per hour in the area at around 12:45 p.m. local time on Friday, the city government said.

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