Watch– Children Walk Through Sea of Homeless Drug Addicts in San Francisco: ‘Pure Filth’

A disturbing video shows a group of children getting off the bus in San Francisco and walking through a sea of homeless drug addicts who are seemingly shooting up in the middle of the street.

The video was shared on Twitter Friday by Ricci Wynne, who claimed to have recorded it at the intersection of 8th Street and Mission street as children and other passengers were getting off at the 14 Transit line.


Wynne audibly implores the children to “get home safe” before turning the camera around to show multiple drug addicts seemingly shooting up in the middle of the sidewalk as the children navigate their way through it.

“They got to walk through this shit,” Wynne said. “These little kids gotta walk through this shit. This shit is crazy.”

In his Twitter post, Wynne wrote, “Now ask yourself this question would you want your children to walk through this squalor just to get home from school?” He tagged the Twitter handles of multiple prominent Bay Area and California Democrat politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), whose congressional district is located where the video was shot.

In a subsequent tweet, Wynne called the street “Pure filth.”


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