WATCH – Chaos in Seattle as Protesters set fire to dumpsters, break windows at City Hall

Biz Pac Review:

In Seattle, protesters blocked intersections, set fires, and engaged in vehicular antics near the famous Space Needle, hitting and injuring some demonstrators in the process, according to wild videos posted online.

Seven people were arrested after fires were started and windows were broken out during protests in the Capitol Hill district, scene of the so-called “CHOP zone” from earlier this year.

Seattle Police announced around 7 p.m. local time that “protesters have wound their way through the city causing damage along the way.” That included setting ablaze bikes and scooters available for rent.

The multiple demonstrations were eventually declared a riot by police, who moved in to clear the Capitol Hill region. That said, according to several videos posted online, there were no officers near the Space Needle, where several people were doing ‘doughnuts’ with their vehicles, some of whom struck other demonstrators.

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