WATCH – Car barely escapes raging mob attack in LA, but the driver is the one detained by police

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  • Chased & blocked by truck full of protesters who then swarm the car.
  • Beating on car, opening his door, throwing bicycle on his car.
  • Police arrive, detain driver.

Dramatic footage captured a driver in Los Angeles making his way through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who took control of the street, only to be attacked by the raging mob.

The driver did not appear to hit any protesters and was fortunate to escape the raging mob, but he was later taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department.

After the white Prius made its way through the crowd — the driver didn’t appear to be in a hurry, though he may have been trying to obey the speed limit — a pickup truck driven by someone with the protesters took pursuit and managed to stop the vehicle.

The mob violently attacked the Prius and tried to pull the driver out, but he managed to eventually leave the scene.

Footage of the dramatic scene was shared online by ABC News:

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