WATCH – Canadian Gold Shop Rejects Masks & the Vaccinated


People are used to seeing signage outside shops urging people to wear masks, but at Sun City Silver and Gold Exchange the message is different.

Quite different.

Shop owner Steve Merrill said the initial reason he didn’t want masks in his shop is that it’s a security risk if someone enters a shop like his with a mask on.

But his anti-mask sentiments run deeper than that.

“I’m against masks. I don’t wear masks anywhere,” said Merrill. “I don’t want to harm my immune system with a mask or breath into a mucus-filled, saliva-filled petri dish. So personally I’m against masks, I think they’re ridiculous.”

Merrill also reports that sales are way up since he did this, explaining that”People who do their own homework with regard to vaccines and masks, are also people who do their own homework with regard to monetary systems.”

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