Watch: Brawl at New York City Parade Turns into Knifepoint Robbery

Police in New York City released footage of a brawl that occurred at the West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day, resulting in one man being mugged at knifepoint.

The footage shows a chaotic scene where multiple individuals are involved in a brawl on 327 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, where the parade took place.


According to the NYPD, the victim was swarmed by 12 individuals during the fight, where they proceeded to assault him and rob him at knifepoint.

Video footage indicates that a man who was wearing white shorts and a black T-shirt was the victim of the attack, as he was seen being attacked by a group of individuals.

The victim was apparently slashed in the torso and robbed of his cell phone, wallet, car keys, and two chains, the New York Post reported, citing police.


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