WATCH: Bodycam captures Louisiana cop tasing handcuffed 67-year-old man

Shocking new bodycam footage captures the moment an irate Louisiana cop repeatedly zaps a 67-year-old man with a Taser, taunting the man by telling him to scream.

“Scream again,” Police Officer Nolan Dehon is heard telling Izell Richardson during the encounter in Port Allen last month. “Go ahead, scream. Scream again.”

When Richardson, who is handcuffed, yells for help from the back of the police cruiser, Dehon zaps him twice, KMOV-TV reported.

The 45-minute video shows Dehon still arguing with Richardson at the stationhouse — even as the elderly victim is being taken to the hospital.

“He said, ‘If you holler one more time, then I’m going to pop you again,’ and he put it right to my heart and it went, pow, and I went out,” Richardson told the station. “Something’s got to be done.”

Watch the footage at New York Post

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