WATCH – BMW driver recounts run-in with NYC bike gang: ‘They’re going to kill us’

The New York Post:

The BMW driver whose ride was surrounded and trashed by a gang of bicyclists on Fifth Avenue was attacked in broad daylight while driving with his elderly mom — who screamed during their escape, “We’re going to die, they’re going to kill us!”

Max Torgovnick, 36, recounted the harrowing run-in to The Post one day after it unfolded around 4 p.m. Tuesday at 21st Street and Fifth Avenue.

“It’s something that I never expected to happen in New York City,” said Torgovnick, a lifelong city resident. “That’s something like you would see on the streets of a war zone. I never thought New York would get this bad.”

Torgovnick and his mom had just dropped off a donation to Housing Works — a nonprofit helping fight homelessness and the AIDS crisis — and were driving to his father’s neurology office when they encountered what he estimated to be about 50 teen bikers, Torgovnick said.

“I slowed down to let them go by, but then they started surrounding the car on either side, and one of the bikers did a wheelie and went into the back of my car,” said Torgovnick. “I stopped to make sure nobody was hurt.”

That’s when the group began pounding on the car with their fists, feet and even bikes, and trying to yank open the doors, while yelling, “Get out! Get out!,” according to Torgovnick and wild video of the incident.

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