WATCH – BLM mob crashes DC Biden celebration and demand white libs bend the knee – it’s their territory!

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For all of you f–kng journalists, for all of you white liberals who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of f–king fools!” the extremist began.

You get what you vote for …

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s supporters got a taste of the radicalism they’ve tacitly endorsed Saturday when Black Lives Matter extremists hijacked a victory party they’d been holding in Washington, D.C.’s Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Video footage from the event showed one of the extremists using a bullhorn to lecture the “white liberal” Biden supporters for having “colonized” the plaza.

Every time the extremist blurted out a sentence using the bullhorn, his flock of indoctrinated disciples then repeated his sentence verbatim.

Watch (*Language warning)

President Donald Trump and his supporters would certainly agree with that sentiment.

It’s at this point that the extremist began trotting out radical racial rhetoric.

“Get it together. Get your sh-t together and keep this in mind: You are using this plaza as a tourist attraction. You are all acting like this is f–king Disney World. This is not f–king Disney World. You have all colonized this space for your own benefits,” he said.

“We will not have it here. We are not going anywhere. We’re still going to be here protesting, fighting, advocating for our black, brown, indigenous, trans, queer, non-binary people who have been killed by police.”

It appears BLM extremists aren’t really impressed with Biden — or at least not yet.

Speaking with Time magazine in July, BLM co-founder Alicia Garza, a self-avowed Marxist, complained that Biden’s proposals were still too “far away” from the radical, racially-based (and arguably black supremacist) demands of the group.

In some cases, BLM extremists don’t care for Biden at all.

“F–k Donald Trump, f–k Biden too, both of them don’t give a f–k about you!” the BLM extremists in the video below chanted during a protest Saturday in Detroit:

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