Fox 5 – San Diego:

Trump supporters, counter-protesters clash violently in Pacific Beach

Counter-protesters clashed violently with supporters of President Donald Trump at a rally in Pacific Beach Saturday, and police ordered people to leave the area as they tried to maintain order.

The event, described in flyers as a “Patriot March,” took place along Ocean Front Walk and began early Saturday afternoon. A group of counter-demonstrators — including members of anti-fascist groups, clad in all black and holding sticks or bats — showed up to face off with the pro-Trump group, and at times the tense exchanges turned violent.

In one instance, a line of counter-protesters advanced on a smaller group of people from the Patriot March, shouting and telling them to leave. One member of the group, who was dressed in all black with their face covered, pulled out a can of chemicals and sprayed it in the Trump supporters’ faces.

At other times, members of the two groups shoved, swung and threw items at each other along the boardwalk. The scuffles drew a heavy police presence, with teams of bicycle officers moving in to separate the demonstrators and asking bystanders to clear out.

Some of the counter-protesters waved flags declaring themselves anti-fascists, or antifa, an umbrella term for a loose collection of far-left militant groups that confront demonstrators for right-wing causes and neo-Nazi groups.

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