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The women could be heard screaming for help during the attack

Three women were beaten on a South Philadelphia street this week in an attack that was captured on video by a man police say is an ex-convict who attacked several other people over the next 24 hours. In a video captured on a Ring doorbell camera, a Black man in a pink sweatshirt can be seen walking up to a group of three White women walking down the street before slugging one of the women in the face. “Oh my god,” one woman screamed as the man punched the first woman before punching another woman and knocking her to the ground. “F*** you,” one of the women yelled before the man punched the third woman. Chief Inspector Frank Vanore said one of the women suffered a broken nose while the two other women suffered swollen lips and facial lacerations. Philadelphia police arrested the suspect, 36-year-old Malcolm White, on Thursday night after he allegedly carjacked another woman by pulling her from the car by her hair and punching her in the face.

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