WATCH – Black Lives Matter? Dad of 10-year-old boy shot dead in Queens reveals motive was driveway ‘beef’

The New York Post:

Wallace — his shirt still stained with his sixth-grader’s blood as he spoke — said he believes that the shooting occurred over a yearslong beef between his sister’s family and their neighbors over a shared driveway. Law-enforcement sources confirmed the suspected shooting motive to The Post.

A heartbroken Queens dad described to The Post on Sunday how he cradled his dying 10-year-old son in his arms — after the boy had been shot in a dispute between neighbors over a driveway.

Albert Wallace, 57, said he brought his son, Justin, to his sister’s house Saturday evening in Far Rockaway and was in the basement with her when they heard shots outside.

Wallace ran out of the Beach 45th Street home, and, “I said, ‘Why is my son laying right here?’

“I go to my son, and when I turned him over, I see this pile of blood,” the father said.

“And when I saw the pile of blood, I said ‘Justin, Justin, are you OK, son? You’re not responding, You’re not responding.’”

Wallace explained that his nephew had his car parked in the driveway and was unloading it when a male neighbor, whose vehicle was on the street, wanted him to move it as soon as possible.

“What happened was my nephew didn’t move the car, he was unloading it and upset the [man],’’ the dad said.

“My nephew was going inside when the guy came running around … and [fired]. My nephew was opening the door, my son was inside the door, and he got shot,” Wallace said.

The dad’s 29-year-old nephew also was struck in the shoulder by a bullet but expected to survive, according to Wallace and police sources.

Eight .9mm bullet casings were recovered from the scene, police sources said.

The dead boy’s father said he is still stunned that a family visit could go so horribly awry.

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