WATCH: Antifa Brawl with Police After Attack on Russia Sanctions Protest

Antifa activists brawled with police on Saturday during an attempt to disrupt a protest against the sanctions war with Russia.

Chaos hit the streets of the German city of Leipzig on Saturday after an attempt by Antifa to violently disrupt a march protesting the Western sanctions war with Russia, their impact on citizens, and the war in Ukraine more generally.

It comes as many in the country are struggling with the rocketing costs of food and fuel brought about by tensions between the West and Moscow, with Germany in particular having traditionally been heavily reliant on Russian gas exports and vulnerable to supply shocks.

With such gas supplies now running dry, many in the country now fear that they will not be able to adequately heat their homes in the coming months, with protests beginning to mount as a result.

One of these protests that took place on Saturday was met with heavy resistance however, with it being reported that mask-wearing Antifa activists disrupted one anti-war protest march in the German city of Leipzig on Saturday.

According to Bild, protesters blocked the planned marching route for the anti-sanctions demonstration using both human barricades and burning piles of bins and refuse.

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