WATCH – Anti-lockdown protests intensify in London – Mounted police clash with protesters

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The Daily Mail: ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-lockdown brother Piers is fined AGAIN after leading New Year’s Eve protest in London – claiming that more than 1,000 ‘defied all threats’ to turn out

Piers Corbyn was fined by police after leading a New Year’s Eve anti-lockdown protest in Central London.

Corbyn, 73, brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn posted a video of what was dubbed the ‘NYE Party of Parties’ on his Twitter feed, proclaiming: ‘TOTAL SUCCESS! #NYEPartyofParties by London Eye. 

‘Over 1000 defied all threats +chanted #LetLondonLive! & #Corbyn4London after I announced I will stand for Mayor! Thank you +well done all!’

Corbyn also revealed: ‘We broke through a police line (VID) and Tony & I only got FPNs.’

Prior to the demonstration, Corbyn revealed that he is standing in the London Mayoral elections in May because ‘enough is enough.’

In the video of the protest, Corbyn can be seen confronting a line of police officers along the South Bank close to the London Eye, where thousands usually gather for New Year’s Eve celebrations which were cancelled this year due to Covid restrictions.

Corbyn bragged that around 1,000 people took part in the protest but in the video, barely two dozen are visible.

A red arrow on the video points out Corbyn as he approaches police, accompanied with the words ‘Go on Piers!!!’ Another slogan boasts: ‘He’s standing up for we the people!!!’

Wearing a black woolly hat, Corbyn can be seen leading a group of protestors chanting ‘Freedom’ as they approach the police line. Despite attempts by officers to prevent them from continuing, they manage to break through and continue along the banks of the River Thames.

Seconds later, he is confronted by a group of police officers and appears to be having a conversation with them before the fixed penalty notice of £200 is believed to have been issued.

Corbyn has become one of the country’s leading anti-lockdown campaigners and has been arrested nine times over the past nine months as he finds himself involved in multiple legal battles over his opposition to lockdown measures, claiming they are an attack on civil liberties.

He also rails against the Government’s vaccination programme and its overall handling of the pandemic, describing it as a ‘Covid con.’

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