WATCH – Anti Lockdown Protests get Violent in the Netherlands

The Sun:

RIOT cops fired tear gas and water canons as cars were torched and shops looted when anti-lockdown protesters went on the rampage across the Netherlands.

John Jorritsma, the Mayor of Eindhoven, said the outrageous rioting had left the country teetering on the brink of “civil war” as he branded troublemakers the “scum of the earth.”

Hundreds were arrested as police confronted mobs of missile-throwing youths who set vehicles ablaze in Eindhoven and Rotterdam and caused major unrest in the capital Amsterdam.

In Haarlem, vandals sparked a large fire in a street and other towns were rocked by trouble before and after the 9pm to 4.30am coronavirus curfew kicked in. It was the third night of trouble across the Netherlands initially sparked by protests against the country’s no-nonsense coronavirus lockdown measures. As darkness fell, rioters targeted cops with fireworks as they faced off on streets in towns and cities.

Video courtesy of Breaking News in a Nutshell channel

Police in the port city of Rotterdam used a water cannon and tear gas in an attempt to disperse a crowd of rioters who had already looted multiple shops. “Unfortunately, were seeing the same things as last night,” said local police chief Willem Woelders . He said around 70 rioters had been arrested and police had used tear gas in the western city of Haarlem as well as Rotterdam. Police in Rotterdam said local youths took to the streets seeking a confrontation with police.

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