Watch: Amazon worker gets ‘trapped in warehouse by ROBOTS’


AN Amazon employee apparently became trapped by robot shelves when he was working on the warehouse floor.

The employee shared the experience on TikTok under the username Robotman77 and the video has gained over 700,000 views.


it can sometimes get crazy😬🤖 them robots like to mess around 😂#robots #work

♬ original sound – Robotman 🤖

“The robots at work trap me…it took me like 15 minutes to get out,” the TikToker wrote with the text overlay. The video shows him walking around the warehouse as shelves get moved in his path.

“They tried to block me in. These pods are messing with me,” he says in the video as one of the shelves moves once again.

As described in the video, the yellow plastic robots created a maze, making it hard for the worker to get through the floor and work between stations.

The video gained over 1,000 comments with many viewers commenting why the employee was on the floor in the first place. However, others assured them that the user was allowed to be there.


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