WATCH – Ad showing Raphael Warnock praising Jeremiah Wright & saying ‘God**** America’ himself, CENSORED by Facebook


Facebook has censored an ad drawing attention to Democrat senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s praise for far-left hate-preacher Jeremiah Wright, known for his infamous line “God damn America.”

The ad was bought by American Crossroads, a nonprofit linked to Karl Rove. It highlights Warnock’s praise for Wright, but was taken down by Facebook after it was “fact-checked” by Lead Stories, one of Facebook’s approved third-party fact-checkers.

Lead Stories claims the ad “leaves out context,” because it implies he was “communicating the same sentiment” as Wright. But Lead Stories also admits that Warnock referred to Wright as a “preacher and a prophet.”

In a comment to Breitbart News, the fact checker said they were unaware Facebook had taken down the ad.

“Our ratings result in labels being placed on or adjacent to content, but Facebook doesn’t inform us specifically on what other actions they take,” said Lead Stories editor-in-chief Alan Duke.

The ad is still viewable on YouTube:

Video courtesy of American Crossroads channel

Facebook’s “fact-checkers” include USA Today and the Washington Post, both competitors of conservative media.

When a post is fact-checked on Facebook, its distribution is reduced. This empowers the mainstream, corporate media to punish their competitors and force them to adhere to their worldview.

For example, in June, USA Today allowed an intern to “fact check” a Breitbart News story because they disagreed with Breitbart’s use of the term “amnesty.”

In other words, Facebook’s system forces Breitbart News to follow the mainstream media’s definition of “amnesty,” or else be potentially subject to reduced distribution.

Facebook is already in the spotlight for election interference after founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars in key swing districts that contributed to Joe Biden’s winning vote margin.

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