WATCH – Actor Jon Voight calls Americans to ‘rise, look to a better future’

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‘This violence is not who we are’

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight has released a very powerful and uplifting video thanking President Trump for his devotion and leadership over these last four years. He is calling for unity during and after the transition to a Joe Biden presidency later this month.

The video runs for just over a minute and was filmed with an American flag as a backdrop for Voight.

Voight is a staunch supporter of the president. He has shared many videos praising Trump while sharing his religious views. Voight has been adamant while alleging that Democrats “want to destroy America” and he has compared them with “Satan” himself.

The Midnight Cowboy star narrated a video about American exceptionalism at this year’s Republican National Convention as well as an RNC video about Trump’s successful efforts to free American hostages held captive in foreign lands.

This video is a call to Americans to not give up hope, even in the face of great disappointment. Voight shared the segment shortly after Trump acknowledged in one of his final tweets that a new administration will take office on Jan. 20 and following the riot on Capitol Hill.

“My fellow Americans,” Voight stated. “We shall not weep, but let us give thanks to President Trump for his four years of hard work and love for America. Let us not put our heads down, let us rise and look to a better future. Let us praise God. Let us understand that His plan is far greater.”

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