WATCH – ‘Abolish ICE’ Protestors clash with police in New Jersey

The Post Millennial:

Abolish ICE protestors clashed with police and sheriffs outside Bergen County Jail where ice detainees have been on hunger strike for 30 days.

Protestors are seen being violent in various pieces of footage emerging online. Law enforcement is also see being more physical with protestors, compared to previous situations. In one piece of footage, “BURN IN DOWN TO THE GROUND” is heard chanted by the protestors. They are seemingly alluding to the country jail where these ICE detainees have been on a hunger strike for the past month.

Left-leaning activists have opposed ICE for some time, particularly during the Trump administration where there has been less tolerance of illegal immigration.

It remains to be seen whether these protests are to fizzle out with the incoming Biden administration. Biden has been unclear on whether he would abolish ICE.

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