WAT? Fauci says Blacks should accept the covid vaccine because it was developed by ‘an African-American woman’

Daily Mail:

Dr Fauci reassures his ‘African-American brothers and sisters’ that Moderna vaccine was developed with help of a black doctor – A woman who once claimed coronavirus was a ‘genocide’ and doctors were ‘letting black patients die’

  • Dr Anthony Fauci is attempting to encourage African-Americans to get the COVID vaccine and highlighted a black doctor’s involvement in its creation
  • But Dr Kizzmekia Corbett has posted several controversial tweets on her social media account dating back to February 
  • The immunologist, who has been dubbed a ‘superstar scientist’, has worked with NIH to develop a coronavirus vaccine 
  • In one tweet, Dr Corbett suggested that doctors would overlook black Americans if ventilators are in short supply 
  • She also suggested the pandemic could be a ‘genocide’ for African Americans
  • A history of racism in medical research in the U.S. has fostered mistrust among some black people
  • A recent study suggested only 14% of black Americans trust that a vaccine will be safe and 18% trust it will be effective

Here is Fauci’s strangely creepy statement

Dr Anthony Fauci has highlighted a black doctor who worked with Moderna on their coronavirus vaccine in an attempt to reassure African Americans that the procedure is safe.

But it has been revealed that Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett is also famed for her wild conspiracy theories, claiming early this year that coronavirus was a ‘genocide’ against black people and that doctors would allow African American patients to die.

Corbett, or ‘Kizzy’ as she prefers to be known on social media, is the National Institute of Health’s lead scientist for coronavirus vaccine research and was part of the team who worked with biotechnology company Moderna on one of the two mRNA vaccines that is expected to receive authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration later this month. 

Her unprofessional social media posts were publicized on Fox News in April. Soon afterwards, Dr Corbett switched her account to private, although is has now been made public once again.

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