WashPost: Legalize More Migrants to Take American Jobs in Florida

Millions of Americans have fallen out of the workforce, yet President Joe Biden’s pro-migration deputies are allowing many illegal migrants to get disaster recovery jobs in Florida.

“Around Southwest Florida, drivers in pickup trucks and big white vans arrive before dawn to collect workers from sidewalks andparking lots,” the Washington Post reported on October 23, adding:

Moises Calix, a 55-year-old from Honduras who lives in New Orleans, packed tools in his Chevy and made a beeline for Florida with his three sons and two pals after an acquaintance invited him to come help tarp roofs. They ate meals from gas stations and slept in the truck, emblazoned with an American flag to blend in.

“They told me there’s work here,” said Moises, who also worked after Katrina and said he’s been paid. “We’re working. You can earn money.”

The government’s decision to tolerate illegal workers is also a rejection of “a great opportunity to draw the millions of [non-working] men back to work,” said Steven Camarota, the research director for the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued:

The key problem is the massive decline in work among less educated men, and all of the social problems that stem from it. A booming job market in Florida would be helpful in drawing some of these men back in. But by letting immigrants in and letting them get these jobs, it is short circuiting this [back-to-work] process.

Unless we’re just going to accept this [non-work] problem — and the opioid abuse, the suicides, the crime, and all the other social problems associated with non-work [among Americans] — the way you do fix that is with a tight labor market [that pressures employers to hire Americans] and by not bringing in lots of foreign workers.

Pulling the sidelined Americans back into the workforce will be tough for employers, Camarota acknowledged:

Society might have a very strong desire to draw young people, less educated Americans back into the labor force, but that creates challenges [for company owners]… particularly if the people haven’t worked for a while.


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